Jay Iverson: An Emerging Crypto Investor Invited to Speak at the Annual NFT Event in London

While NFTs (non-fungible tokens) received a lot of apprehensions when they were first introduced to the online financial market, the negative perception surrounding them is now shifting. They are even being considered the future of all market trade because they are more secure than anything else. Jay Iverson is an emerging crypto investor and NFT influencer from Germany, and he’s one of the youngest speakers invited to speak at the NFT.London event as one of the 173 final-round speakers because of his success as an outstanding content creator.

Growing up in Germany for the first 17 years, Jay knew he wanted to gain financial independence early on. His entrepreneurial journey to self-discovery started when he was only 14 when he taught himself the secrets to stock trading. When other kids his age were focused on watching Netflix and bunking classes, Jay was learning his way around cryptocurrency and how blockchain technology could impact traditional markets.

A few months into his journey, he realized that there wasn’t enough data available in the German language about cryptocurrency or NFT investments. With the help of two of his friends, Jay started writing a book as a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency and how to invest and trade in it to find financial leverage. They published their book  “Kryptostarter” on Amazon in 2021.

Since everything we do has a digital footprint, Jay realized he would have to devise a way to get his message to more people online. This became the reason behind starting an English channel for teaching crypto on TikTok. His videos received immense appreciation, and he was soon able to monetize his account.

Investing in cryptocurrencies may sound like a wild goose chase, as there is the truth behind the fact that crypto is currently unregulated by any central governing body like a bank or some other financial institution. However, Jay suggests that crypto has the potential to become one of the most credible trading solutions for most digital transactions, as the crypto industry is going through steady developments.

The NFT.London chapter is all about bringing in the world’s most successful leaders under one roof to discuss the future of crypto and NFTs in the digital landscape. Jay considers this a fantastic opportunity where brands can come together to learn and share how NFTs can work for community engagement. He has been invited to speak regarding his content creation success as he’s one of the pioneers in the crypto/NFT space with multiple videos ranging from a beginner’s guide about crypto to his suggestions as to which NFT to consider investing in and why.

With over 250k followers on TikTok, Jay is causing ripples in the online playing field with a focus on making crypto easy for the layman, influencing hundreds of people worldwide.

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