How to make money on Kwai? understand how it works

Kwai ( Android | iOS ) is a social network of short videos with a format similar to TikTok. Like the rival application, it allows you to earn money after watching videos and meeting a series of challenges proposed by the platform. The amount is accumulated in its own currencies, called Kwai Golds, converted into reais and sent to a bank account by Pix or transfer.

This financial return is one of the reasons for the app’s popularity, which has more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Want to make money with Kwai but still have questions about the process? See below how the app’s promotions work and learn the requirements to participate.

How to make money on Kwai

The main ways to earn money through Kwai involve watching the platform’s videos daily and inviting new people to the network. Both activities yield Kwai Golds, the app’s official currency, and 10,000 Kwai Golds equals 1 Real. The values ​​obtained from the activities vary according to each promotion advertised by the app, so it is important to pay attention to the terms and conditions.

Invitation Code

Kwai’s first monetized activity involves registering itself on the platform. Each profile has its own invitation code and, for each new account created from this number, the person who invited and the person invited receive a financial amount as a gift. Those who invite can receive up to R$20 and those who create a profile receive R$1. After registering, it is necessary to link the profile with this code within 72 hours to receive this bonus.

After linking new accounts, you and the guest profile can earn money by following the platform’s daily goals. To advance to the next reward, the registered profile must watch at least three minutes of videos for three consecutive days, without pausing playback or repeating the same content. The maximum reward with each invitation can reach R$80, reached after the person invited completes 10 days in a row watching at least three minutes of publications per day.

Therefore, to get bigger amounts of money through the platform, the recommendation is to get the highest number of entries with your invitation code. After all, each new linked account results in a new stream of daily views. According to Kwai rules, this task can be started up to 45 days after the first login to the app.

Daily Check-in and Bonus Kwai

In addition to the tasks involving inviting new people, it is possible to acquire Kwai Golds after performing daily check-ins on the platform. Just log in for seven consecutive days to receive progressive coin rewards. Some check-ins have treasure chests, which can increase the amount of coins obtained through access.

You can also earn Kwai Golds while browsing the app. Just tap on a floating icon called “Kwai Bonus” to receive extra rewards. The more videos are watched, the greater the chances of receiving the app’s bonus.

Make money on Kwai: who can participate?

Your Kwai profile needs to meet certain requirements to become eligible for promotions. You must be over 18 years old, reside in Brazil, have a valid CPF and present a current account that operates with the Brazilian real. It is not possible to receive the money in a savings account. The balance for withdrawals on the platform is removed after thirty days without a new access.

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Source: Kwai

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