How Successful Tempo Founder & CEO Frederick A. Morton, Jr. Has Been in Introducing Caribbean Vibes to the Entire World

The Caribbean region, known for its breathtaking beauty, multiculturalism, and rich cultural heritage, is one of the most coveted destinations for tourists. Its roaring rivers, beautiful waterfalls, tall peaks, and astonishing beaches drag the attention of the world onto itself. But the Caribbean isn’t just about nature; its culture is also a jewel in its crown. However, as much as this region is rich in everything, its poor representation in the digital and mainstream media didn’t do it the justice it deserved. 

But that underrepresentation is a thing of the past now. With the advent of TEMPO Networks, the Caribbean vibes have taken flight and are poised to reach almost every household around the world. The Caribbean is especially enjoying the most-deserving spotlight TEMPO has provided. Not only has it spotlighted the travel industry, but because of TEMPO’s many initiatives, local talent has also got a chance to showcase their art and skills to the world. 

The channel is widely watched across the US and the Caribbean region, with a diverse cable audience of five million viewers, a number that is increasing every year. The positive response TEMPO received is a manifestation of the hard work and dedication put into the process by the team, with Frederick leading from the front. 

“I have a love for the Caribbean that’s not normal,” says Frederick. And it’s true in more than one way. TEMPO was a childhood dream of Mr. Morton that came to fruition when he was at the pinnacle of success in the field of law. Before founding TEMPO, he worked for a prestigious New York law firm and successfully represented numerous fortune 500 companies. Besides that, he had also worked at Johnson & Johnson as corporate counsel and at Viacom Inc. before landing at MTV as senior vice president and head of the litigation department. After two years working at MTV, he came up with the idea of TEMPO, and then there was no turning back.

The point of mentioning the awe-inspiring professional background of Frederick is to accentuate the bold decision he took to start pursuing his dream. He could have continued to live a luxurious life being a corporate attorney. He might have even made it to some higher position in the judiciary or Fortune 50. The stage was set, everything favored Frederick. However, he preferred his motherland, the Caribbean, more than anything. 

That’s the reason the Institute of Caribbean Studies announced the Caribbean American Heritage Award for the contributions of Frederick, naming him a ‘Trailblazer’, as the ‘visionary’ behind TEMPO Networks. 

Has he been successful in introducing the Caribbean vibes to the world? Well, after reading the success stories of international artists produced by TEMPO like Rihanna, one can confidently answer this question with a BIG YES. However, with many plans in the offing, including the launching of the TEMPO streaming app, we believe Frederick and his team are just getting started!


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