How Shraddha Shrivastava Hopes to Expand Her Business Services from 8 to 20 Countries in 2 Years

There is no surefire formula for instant success, but consistency, persistence and constantly looking out for growth opportunities are some necessary prerequisites for business growth. A freelancer-turned-entrepreneur, Shraddha Shrivastava has shared her story of turning a freelancing venture into an entrepreneurial hustle that has now been turned into a thriving business. 

Growing up, Shraddha had severely limited choices in life, as she hailed from a small town where things as common as wearing jeans and watching movies were prohibited for women. But Shraddha’s approach to life was change-centric, as she knew she had to break through her restricted lifestyle and carve her own destiny. 

Faced with various social and gender-related stigmas, she didn’t let these restrictions hinder her progress towards achieving her goals. Sharddha has shared how her determination to better her circumstances has given her a broader perspective on life. By the time Shraddha started working professionally, she was already living life to the fullest and traveling solo to different cities. And she owes all this success to her consistency and perseverance.

When Shraddha first dipped her toes in digital marketing, she started out without any prior knowledge and no money to take the courses she needed to. The only option for her was to teach herself, which she did. Before she knew it, she was gearing towards immense growth on LinkedIn, and today, she is a proud CEO of a thriving digital marketing company, Digital Height. 

According to Shraddha, organic content and branding are what bring out long-term growth possibilities for businesses and brands. When one is contributing information to any media platform, especially digital media, one needs to be highly mindful of the context as well as the audience. Paid strategies are indeed helpful, but only for a limited amount of time, and eventually, brands are fed by organic reach. That is why Digital Height is all about organic growth resulting in long-term results, building brands, and bringing ROI. 

At Digital Height, Shraddha and the team strive to reach maximum entrepreneurs and SMEs, helping them build their businesses through efforts resulting in effective ROI. Helping to win on LinkedIn, they understand customers’ pain points and help them identify strategic solutions. 

Loving and enjoying every bit of her work, Shraddha Shrivastava is truly her own boss. The young CEO hopes for a brighter future for the company, aiming to expand the business’s services from 8 to 20 countries in 2 years, which can be achieved through result-driven effective strategies.

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