How Michelle Paulsen’s Fitness Venture MichelleFitCoaching Stands Out in the Realm of Fitness and Coaching

The Covid-19 pandemic has left some devastating effects on the world, making it all the more important for us to pursue a healthy lifestyle for a more prolonged life. This urge has augmented the fitness industry, and the competition has soared beyond gyms to anywhere people can connect to a fitness experience. Playing strong in this field, health coach Michelle Paulsen is allowing her business to thrive through fitness-friendly yet affordable approaches that ultimately benefit her clients in every possible way.

An enthusiastic content creator and fitpreneur, Michelle’s business journey began in high school, where she used to write and design business plans to compete on a national level. Implementing business plans became her thing, and she grew to love the idea of entrepreneurship and owning a business. So, business was her number one choice after high school, and she opted for the field of public health to fulfill her life-long goal of owning a non-profit gym. And since then, there was no looking back.

Under the founder’s vision, the fitness business MichelleFitCoaching stands out by offering customized yet affordable fitness solutions to marathon runners, moms of 3, people with eating disorders, working entrepreneurs, cancer survivors, cancer patients, and many other kinds of clients. Working with such a broad demographic, Michelle feels fortunate to have touched so many lives.

Michelle’s online fitness application focuses on pinpointing clients’ needs, setting them clear guidelines to reach their goals, and supporting them physically as well as mentally throughout their fitness journey. From initial assessments to regular check-ins and giving workable strategies, MichelleFitCoaching is steadily sailing the seas of the competitive fitness realm.

Applying her extensive experience, Michelle is taking a new and unique approach to her business to make it stand out from the crowd. Where the fitness industry is notorious for its extravagant prices and memberships, the young entrepreneur is going against all odds to offer affordable and reasonable health coaching services. She prides herself on making coaching and fitness affordable compared to other companies providing these services worth their weight in gold.

Michelle also stands out by a mile by strictly sticking to only giving the advice or coaching that she is certified for. Unlike other health instructors who keep extending the sessions and courses while providing un-certified training just for the sake of making money, Michelle strongly opposes this idea. If she ever comes across any such situation, she makes sure to refer her clients to a specialist that can speak on a specific topic or a medical condition.

Visit Michelle Paulsen’s fitness application here if you wish to stay fit and get into shape while going easy on your pockets.

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