How Carla Virgos, an Entrepreneur, and Ocean Lover, Successfully Juggles Her Life between London and Maldives

Living in two places at once is not entirely effortless and comes with its own set of challenges; however, some enjoy the diversity and adventure it entails. One such person who has mastered this skill is the entrepreneur and diving enthusiast Carla Virgos, who successfully juggles her life between London and Maldives. In the glittering city of London, she works as an accomplished broker, and in the paradisiacal Maldives, she runs her travel company Kandu, which takes people on a breathtaking odyssey like no other.

Carla Virgos, a half-Mexican and half-Spanish, was raised in Madrid and later moved to London to pursue higher studies. After graduating, she landed a job at a major international firm in the city, kicking off her professional journey. Despite excelling in her career as a young woman, Carla always felt something amiss. Her life seemed purposeless and unfulfilling, but deep down, she knew what she wanted: to be closer to the dreamy blue ocean, surrounded by the pulsing waves. Hence, Carla packed her bags and decided to go to the Maldives. Little did she know that this one decision would change the course of her life.

All it took was two weeks of solo traveling in the Maldives for Carla to discover her passion. After hopping from one island to another, underwater diving every day, exploring diverse marine life, and meeting the kindest people, she was in awe of the Maldives and was determined to spread awareness about it.

One day under the Maldivian sun, Carla discussed a promising idea with Nazykko, an ocean expert and freediver, as they were enjoying a boat ride. The idea consisted of organizing eco-friendly trips where people learn about the Maldives and everything its oceans have to offer. And that’s how Kandu was born; a year later, the company is registered and has the most amazing local team and the loveliest and adventure-seeking clients.

In spite of being a voice for Maldivian oceans, Carla has neither bid farewell to her city life nor her broking career and has learned to divide her time between the two. She is a testament to the fact that one can follow their passion and bring a change while working in a 9-5 corporate sector, becoming a source of inspiration for other young women and men.

Carla’s long-term goal is to continue doing what she does at a larger scale and bring communities together to restore the ecosystem. She realizes it is a challenging endeavor but believes that hard work and determination can make anything possible. Moreover, she wants others to enjoy the beauty and calmness of the sea while interacting with the majestic marine life.

The ocean awaits you, so come explore the stunning white beaches and blue waters of Maldives with Kandu by Carla Virgos.

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