Here Is How Jadejha Edwards Turned Her Passion for Travel into a Paycheck

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to call Jadejha Edwards one of the most well-known content creators and an influential figure in the growing media. Her aspirations and pursuits go beyond her line of work. In actuality, she has persevered in life and succeeded in fusing her profession with travel and adventure.

As an expert in the corporate setting, Jadejha is adamant about inspiring people and making a difference. After graduating from the University of South Florida, she dedicated a large portion of her training to understanding the corporate world. Making a name in this sector helped her to break into the tech world and guided others to do the same. Today, she is a well-known cybersecurity engineer, an influencer, and a motivational content creator.

Nobody can match Jadejha’s love for adventure, travel, lifestyle, and tech. Her social media platform, especially Instagram, is full of exciting trips and luxury-related content. As someone who loves traveling, she is passionate about sharing her adventures through compelling videos and content with people worldwide. In fact, she has engaged her audience by posting many trips while guiding them on ways to monetize traveling.

As a travel enthusiast, the young woman enjoys taking risks and discovering new things. Traveling around the world, she has connected with people from different countries with diverse backgrounds and learned about their stories. As an active ambassador of a privileged travel agency, Melanin on the Map (MOTM), Jadejha is making a worldwide difference. MOTM is dedicated to helping minority travelers, where they play their part in creating a safe and reliable space. 

From information to travel income opportunities, the company is leaving a significant impact on the travel-loving community, of which Jadejha is a proud member. Joining the MOTM travel tribe allowed her to work for the greater good while living her passion for traveling to multiple international destinations. To make it more than just a hobby and allow her keen interest in traveling to aid her in building meaningful connections, she decided it was time to start monetizing her traveling experiences.

According to Jadejha, traveling helps her connect with her followers and listen to their stories while exploring and discovering new activities. With MOTM, she has converted her passion for travel into a paycheck, providing a perfect opportunity to increase her social media brand, gain new followers, and help those struggling.

Additionally, MOTM offers Jadejha the opportunity to savor the moment and seek adventure without sacrificing her time. This complete package flawlessly integrates her professional life with her personal interests and helps her to work for human rights.

Follow Jadejha on Instagram @itsjadejha to keep updated on her next travel destination.

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