Here Is Armeen Jasavala’s Journey to Health and How She Pursued Happiness

Every success comes at the cost of working hard, being patient, and never giving up despite initial setbacks. Armeen Jasavala, a successful content creator, also had her fair share of ups and downs in life. However, with her family’s support and enthusiasm, she decided to work hard to build a good life for herself. She is a holistic lifestyle-based content creator helping people shift toward more sustainable living options, positively impacting their mental, physical, and emotional health. 

She grew up in a middle-class family; her mother was a paramedic, and her father owned his own business managing hospital logistics. From a very young age, Armeen wanted to work, earn, and play her role in running the house. Her grandmother, who hails from a family-oriented background, played a significant role in her upbringing and taught her morals and values in line with her culture. Armeen has always been fond of music, nature, and sports and has been an athlete throughout middle and high school. 

It was all going well for her until one day, her father, unfortunately, had a heart attack at a young age. This made her pursue medicine to understand how the body works. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Health and Education from the University of Toronto (UOFT). In her fourth year, she was moved by one particular course – holistic medicine – and wanted to study the field further because it focused on finding the root cause of disease rather than treating it on the surface. 

After graduating from UOFT and studying homeopathic medicine, she traveled to her mother’s home country, India, and acquired in-depth knowledge about the clinical approach from some of the best homeopaths worldwide. Although she signed up for a six-month course, the experience motivated her to prolong her stay, and she hasn’t looked back since. Proud of her decision to remain near her maternal family’s culture and country, she grew personally and professionally. She worked as an international coordinator and editor of various publications and met her husband, who supports her in her endeavours.

Having spent more than ten years in Mumbai, Armeen initially struggled to adjust to a new place, culture, and mindset. While helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle, Armeen ignored her own mental, emotional, and physical health. She felt overwhelmingly disinterested, burned out, and heavily fatigued, ultimately affecting her physical health. Taking a break and leaving work seemed to be the only plausible and healthier option; thus, she decided to work on her health.

Armeen inspires everyone struggling to find the right balance between their mind, body, emotions, and soul. Moreover, her interest in music, nature, animals, and wholesome food, helps her create that balance in her own life. Armeen’s spirit of gratitude and mindfulness plays a crucial part in her happiness. She shares her life with her followers to encourage them to adopt a holistic lifestyle, iterating its positive impact on their mental and physical health. She also shares easy vegan recipes with her followers to help them embrace the plant-based lifestyle. 

To learn more about her holistic lifestyle, follow her on  Instagram and Youtube to get some healthy inspiration. 

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