Having Given up on Acting Professionally, John D Hickman Gets a Second Chance at Living his Dream

The saying, “There is a time and place for everything,” is a wise reminder that life has its rhythm. Every event in our lives serves some purpose, from joyful to heart-wrenching. Even when it may feel like we are spinning our wheels or struggling against impossible odds, no one’s effort goes to waste. Your turn may be late, but it will eventually come. For John D Hickman, the chance to fulfill his dream of being an actor came much later than he had expected, but things finally fell into place despite the odds. 

Being a nobody from a remote town in rural Alabama, John had neither the experience nor the opportunity to pursue his true passion. His parents, too, were skeptical about his career choice and preferred him to take over the family poultry business, Peco Foods. However difficult it may have seemed back then, John never let his dream die, nurturing it with hope and effort. 

 Another slight hiccup in his ambition came when he became a parent. John dropped out of college and began to work full-time to support his beloved daughter. It was a rough patch for him as he worked two jobs simultaneously with little time for relaxation. That, indeed, wasn’t all. Throughout his years juggling fatherhood and employment, John waged an uphill battle with alcoholism. After a grueling yet victorious journey to sobriety, he was able to break free from the clutches of addiction and begin living a healthier lifestyle.

 It wasn’t until he was in his 40s that he had a chance to land his dream acting job. The opportunity came in the shape of an auction. Being the highest bidder, John won a walk-on role on his favorite television show, True Blood. Then his daughter graduated from university and went on her way to making her own life. For once, John had no significant responsibilities to pull him back from his passion.

 True Blood was a game-changer for John. His friendly nature on the show’s set and seeing how well he worked with others prompted the producers to bring him back for a few more episodes. Slowly he began to receive offers from other television shows as well. John’s ability to embody every character he played earned him much praise from the people he worked with.

 Slowly, he began to transition from television shows to feature-length films. Over the years, John has worked alongside great names such as Al Pacino and Bruce Willis. He claims that comedy and action roles are his favorite, and for his action roles, John has started doing his stunts, which is rather impressive for a man of 44.

 Recently, John finished a term on the SAG Awards nomination committee, where he had to review a long list of movies and give recommendations. He also founded many scholarships for athletes at the University of Alabama, offering his services to the drama club there.

 To aspiring actors and actresses, John has offered some advice that he has learned on his journey.

 “Just keep doing it. Keep acting. Experience is a must. Don’t let people talk you out of it.”

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