From Going Viral on Tiktok to Creating a Clothing Line and Organic Skincare Brand; Neyo White Is Unstoppable

It is found that mindset is everything when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Sure, you can have a great business model and a unique product to sell, but to power through the problematic swings that come with building a business, you must have a robust mindset. This is exactly what Neyo White had when he left the state where he lived most of his life.

Building a mindset is the process of taking beliefs that don’t serve you and replacing them with ones that do. At 32, Neyo started his first online business, an online clothing venture called Legacy Wealth Fashion. It started with becoming more mindful and connected with what he wanted and believed in. From there, his business had a clear direction, where Neyo was able to sell and started connecting more quickly to his clients, team, and community.

Neyo was living in Detroit, later moved to Chicago and Las Vegas, and finally ended up in Atlanta, where he worked a 9 to 5 job at Publix. His experience from working there helped shape his mindset; through that process, he utilized the experience he got from working a 9-5 throughout his entrepreneurial journey while learning new things along the way.

After getting his brain out of the autopilot mode that got him through corporate, Neyo started doing what felt great to him. When you do something you feel confident in every day, you are easily able to step into new and challenging actions in the future. Whether this is you getting up on stage to talk or starting a business. Neyo did exactly that and started his own first clothing venture that goes by the name Legacy Wealth Fashion.

The fashion industry is massive, consisting of a myriad of different brands–all with very different styles and niches. It’s essential to identify your niche and stick to it. Since Neyo’s goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and help other entrepreneurs, he designed customized clothes for emerging, new, and current business people to flaunt until they make it through Legacy Wealth Fashion.

As an emerging entrepreneur, Neyo wanted more. And let’s be real, everyone needs multiple income streams to get where they want quickly. So he got into the real estate business as well. Real estate is one of the purest forms of entrepreneurship that endures a series of risk-taking situations. It’s amongst the most exciting industries, and Neyo knew what he was getting himself into. To get some of the best advice for getting into rentals on global American dream Real estate, check out his website.


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