Formal Education May Help You Make a Living, but Self-Education Will Help You Create a Fortune- Top Influencer, Peter Sage

Formal education teaches you the necessary skills to follow a standard way of implementation. Your qualification gets you appointed by someone who requires those skills derived from your qualifications in exchange for a salary.

As Peter Sage says, formal education can play a role if you know what skills you want for the way you make a living, but if you are looking to build a fortune, you need to work on self-education and personal development. Period.

The art of building wealth is multifaceted. You need to possess clarity in your vision, courage and persistence, wisdom, social skills, and emotional control. You are required to think unthinkable, challenge yourself to take risks, and be prepared to fail. And unfortunately, these are the things not taught in formal education. There are no classes on how to get courage.

Peter Sage is a top speaker, high-performance coach, and an inspiring influencer. He helps his mentees to unleash their potential, cultivate self-mastery and explode their incomes with life-changing skills and secrets. He is a best-selling author who has composed the masterpiece and No.1 best-seller, The Inside Track. The book has won various awards and teaches a powerful framework for how to turn your problems into your greatest achievements.

Apart from that, his students learn to achieve their goals by building unstoppable self-belief, raising their levels of courage as well as humility and understanding. Money and success often soon follow as the byproduct rather than the focus.

Peter Sage firmly believes that success is not tied to the level of formal education you attain but depends on your self-education and how much of a success-oriented personality you possess. He backs this claim by listing various successful individuals, who were high school dropouts and yet highly successful entrepreneurs. His life itself embodies this claim as he dropped out of school early and entered the business and personal development arena, building many successful companies while at the same time helping others understand themselves at a higher level.

As an expert in human behavior and leadership, author Peter Sage brings important knowledge and great energy to his audiences all over the world. Being a well-known public speaker, he has been privileged to be one of the only people ever invited to the TEDx platform six times as well as many other prestigious stages for the likes of NASA and Google.

He has a unique understanding of how to achieve success, quit procrastinating, cultivate productive habits, master emotions and live a life of fulfillment rather than stress. In short, he is a powerful source of all of the things we never learned at school.

For more information regarding his work, philosophy, and coaching, you can check out his website here.

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