Eric Castellano Is Creating Unique Content on Instagram to Educate People

Instagram is a famous social media platform for posting visual content. These days Instagram has become a space for sharing information. Influencers promote content that can be helpful for their followers. Eric Castellano is one of those influencers. He is creating unique and engaging content to educate people about life and business. 

Eric Castellano is a content creator expert in Amazon and the wholesale business. He is the CEO of AmazonLit, a consulting agency that seeks to assist new and young entrepreneurs in expanding their business. Eric is an 8 figure Amazon seller with many achievements in his career.

Eric began his business as a young kid with only a few bucks in his pocket and thousands of unique ideas. He worked hard to earn money by working at McDonald’s and collected money to buy wholesale products to resell. Eric always had quick learning and analytical skills that contributed to his success as a businessman. He wanted to make his own brand and was able to do so through his efforts and hard work. The journey to success was not easy as he suffered from substance abuse and financial losses in his initial years. From failing business models to building one of the largest third-party Amazon businesses, Eric became an inspiration for many. He has been awarded the Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels for his hard work.

His company has sold over 10 million products on Amazon, with $50 million sales per year. Eric aims to increase sales by $100 million in a year and he is working hard to reach his goal. Eric has a very optimistic personality which comes from his healthy habits and surrounding himself with successful people. Eric wants to be a positive influence on the young generation as well. 

Taking his experience to a new level, Eric is now mentoring inexperienced and seasoned sellers to become leaders in their industry. He has mentored 2,000 students about Amazon business while managing his own company as well. Eric, at AmazonLit, aims to educate 20,000 Amazon sellers that have the potential to grow. He is of the firm belief that every person has the capability to manage a business and be successful if they have the right mentor to educate them. 

On Instagram, Eric has become a famous influencer with 80.1k followers. He has been making content related to the Amazon business to help his followers know about his mentor program and learn from him. He has launched an Amazon FBA course called EsellersRI program which is a detailed module to learn and grow business. Eric also promotes content on YouTube; he has launched BGHL (Business Growth Hacks Live) event where he invites different entrepreneurs to speak on various topics. By promoting his content online, Eric hopes to reach a bigger audience to educate.

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