Dream Big, Think Ahead and Build a Business, Learn the Art from the Best of the Best, Trevoy Pointer

Transforming dreams into reality demands spinning fantasies into goals and converting words into actions. Licensed financial agent Trevoy Pointer is a force to reckon with. He is a proud father, licensed financial professional, licensed adjuster, business owner, and entrepreneur. Regardless of his achievements, he truly radiates victory and is the definition of dreaming big and working hard.

Kickstarting his journey as a basketball player, Trevoy has unlocked milestones in his journey to create generational wealth and master the mindset. His never-ending struggle did not prove to be futile. He has worked in the entertainment field and worked with household name companies like Roc Nation, Bud Light, and Mountain Dew.

Trevoy Pointer owns a smartwatch brand called MyBalance Watches. His labor of love MyBalance Watches on guiding path, vision, and empire. Despite being at the infant stage, the firm is growing and building.

As far as Trevoy’s basketball story is concerned, he grew up playing basketball for the first 20 years of his life. Trevoy kept improving as he learned from the best coaches alongside incredible players. Eventually, he earned a scholarship to play in New York City.

However, some wins are illusions that lead to the true meaning. In Trevoy’s case, he lived the ‘American Dream’ between the ages of 22-23, but he completely transformed himself by 24. The primary motive behind his sudden career shift was that he never wanted the following generations to walk the world in chaos and confusion.

He never had any business, entrepreneurial or financial literacy. However, his unwavering determination allowed the colossal transition from succeeding as an athlete to evolving as an entrepreneur. Trevoy had a fantastic ride and appreciated every second of his journey.

A staunch believer of the saying “where there is a will, there’s a way,” he acknowledges that if he can empower people to start making decisions for themselves, he can make an impact in people’s lives. Such concepts can be learned over time but empowering people to think for themselves and make confident decisions is the ultimate way to be. So, the thriving entrepreneur uses personal finance and mindset mastery as an opportunity to empower people. For Trevoy, the sky is truly the limit.

The future is bright for Trevoy as his goal is to become financially independent through his investments, businesses, and future-proof skills. He eventually wants to get into architecture and philosophy. But family comes first for the ace financial professional, so he wants to ensure he enjoys financial independence while simultaneously spending time with his loved ones. Needless to say, his goals are the dream accomplishment in life for everyone.

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