DatingbyLion Coaches You for a Better Relationship with ‘You’

In one of his youtube videos, Lion says that most of us do not have dating or relationship problems. In truth we have life problems. He believes that all of these things are strongly intertwined. Once you face your life problems and your troubling points, that is when you create a positive relationship dynamic with yourself.

A good relationship with yourself is not about getting up every morning and meditating or working out. It could be, though, but it is more about having a healthy relationship with our mind and body. Lion says, “It is about managing our expectations based on who we are and what we strive to become.

Coming out of a 10-year-long corporate career and establishing himself in the dating and coaching business is something Lion did by showing up for himself and his clients with consistency. Today, he has coached and worked with hundreds of clients over the past couple of years and has grown an audience of around 400k across his social media channels.

Lion says having a better relationship with yourself should be the goal.

His goal is not to tell you what to do or say to find a partner. Nor is it to help you decipher what is going on in their head. Instead, his goal is to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself first, and then comes the next step, which is a healthy perspective toward dating and relationships. His coaching stems from taking accountability for where you’re at and developing actionable steps to build a love life you want.

Being in the coaching industry, what matters to Lion the most when it comes to his clients is supporting self-love first. Loving and accepting yourself for who you are takes a lot of work. It’s a process that involves a great deal of self-reflection. But this work is essential if you want to thrive in other areas of your life. That is Lion’s real approach toward his clients.

To know more about Lion’s approach, check out his website and become a member of his monthly master class. Do not miss out!

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