Channeling Her Creative Streak, Sue De Chiara Is Showcasing Her Artistic Oeuvre through Her Paintings and Decor

Our creativity is born out of our ability to connect with ourselves. We begin to master and carry that creativity forth as it gives us a chance to showcase what we are made of. Sue De Chiara is such an individual. She has perfectly mastered and harmoniously enjoined her creativity with her duties, relaying a captivating story to the world.

How flipping through home decor and lifestyle magazines transformed into a full-time career for Sue is difficult to pinpoint. But the idea of it was something Sue had never imagined. Her blog, “The Zhush,” started in 2009 when basic home design ideas, materials, processes, and projects became a part of her mundane reality. She used to pen down her thoughts and plan and connect with the viewers for fun. 

It has now turned into a fruitful career. She not only posts about her projects but also provides tips and tricks to assist her viewers in making home decor choices. From the height of your kitchen counter to how high your kitchen stools should be to even what light fixtures would suit your patio. All are aspects that Sue pays close attention to. 

Other than this, Sue also demonstrates excellent knowledge of home decor. For instance, the paintings that work best with the lounge and the ornaments or tools would make your kitchen more aesthetically appealing. As a result, she has understood what works in a household, even if it is just the color of your walls. 

However, Sue did not stop there. The artistic bud that peaked when she was a child had finally blossomed. Alongside “The Zhush,” Sue started publishing her abstract paintings. These paintings capture the essence of Sue and not only how she works but her style as well. Being raised by artists was one thing; working as a home decor and lifestyle blogger got her in touch with her innate ability to paint. 

As Sue connected with her artistic side, both “The Zhush” and “Sue De Chiara” reached unimaginable heights. Each piece of art is curated with delicate hands and complements every nook of her house. Sue aims to create paintings and art that people would hang inside their homes, adding a lively touch to their abode.

Sue’s creativity, confidence, and motivation pushed her to not give up. She has portrayed herself as more than just a blogger working on home projects. She is a self-made woman, balancing two working and flourishing websites and her duties as a mother and wife. She embodies her art, linking herself with her surroundings and creating content that leaves one astounded. 

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