American Artist John Moran Blows Away Netflix with Glass and Mixed Media Sculpture

Art can be a powerful vehicle to challenge preconceived notions and offer an escape from the aisles of mundane living. American artist, John Moran, has embraced this concept with his award-winning glass and mixed-media sculptures. After winning Netflix’s hit show Blown Away – Season 3 in 2022, Moran’s career took off, and he now stands as one of the leading figures in contemporary glass art.

Making Beside the Golden Door. Photo: Marble Media Official, Netflix, David Leyes

Beside the Golden Door. Photo: Marble Media Official, Netflix, David Leyes

Mirror Mirror. Collaboration with Marta Byrdziak. Photo: Mike Van Cleven

Blown Away is a made-in-Canada competition series that pits ten of the world’s best glassmakers against each other in a series of challenges. Competitors are put to the test with intense heat, quick deadlines, and demanding tasks, all while competing for a grand prize package worth $60,000. Moran faced stiff competition from around the globe but took home the top spot. The show was created by Shannon Noble and hosted by famous American TV actor Nick Uhas alongside glass artist Katherine Gray. 

In the final round, the contestants were challenged to create a cohesive and original glass installation using one-half of the gallery in eight hours. Moran’s winning artwork was a breathtaking piece titled “Beside the Golden Door.” The objective was to use the white space of the gallery as a facade. The concept was to show the colorful imperfection of life, of reality, breaking through and exposing itself from pure perfection. Talking about his victory on the show, Moran says, “I am still in disbelief of making it to the finale.” “From the moment I saw the first season, I knew I wanted to be a part of the show, and I wanted to win!” he added. 

Moran’s ambition is to create work that outlasts him – work that transforms people and drives change. He strives to reach a new audience for his art by leveraging unique platforms such as Blown Away and placing his artwork in blue chip galleries. In April 2023, he will have a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass and create some of his beautiful work there. 

In addition to working with glass, Moran also produces mixed-media sculptures  incorporating other materials, such as acrylic, fabric, and metal,. These pieces explore the relationships between objects and how these connections create more meaning when combined. 

While Moran’s work is  certainly in demand, he is still focused on creating a lasting legacy through his artwork. He knows that his work will ultimately be judged by the audience that views it, and he hopes they will find beauty, solace, and emotion within its context. As Moran continues to create and inspire, we can expect a bright future for this budding artist and the continued evolution of glassblowing art. 

To check out Moran’s latest work, visit Backdoorart or follow him on Instagram. 

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