All You Need to Know about Courtney Acuña, the Ever-Determined Podcast Guru, and Businesswoman

Determination is the core principle of running a business as well as life. Staying consistent, even when you find every door closed, is the key to success. We can learn an important life lesson on persistence from Courtney Acuña, the serial entrepreneur who has made her businesses thrive through many storms like the COVID-19 pandemic.

From childhood to date, Courtney has always been competitive in nature. She was a determined athlete and traveled to many countries to put up sports camps through a non-profit she started after high school called Reaction Tour. After thriving for seven years, the organization came to a close with the birth of Courtney’s daughter, Mila Grey. 

But that was not the end of Courtney’s entrepreneurial journey; it was just the beginning. She went on to become a serial entrepreneur and the owner of three thriving businesses. Although she had started several businesses, three of them tailored her way towards exponential success. This was purely a result of the determination and courage that Courtney possessed and acted upon throughout her journey. 

One of her businesses, Mrkt Spc, is a marketing company that helps brands in expanding their businesses and growing their sales through the proper techniques. Courtney has worked with various brands and individuals through this business to launch and monetize their social media platforms.

After 7 successful years of marketing and helping brands grow, Courtney found her new passion for broadcasting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Right away, she fell in love with podcasting because she believes that not only is it a source of entertainment but it is also a platform where many can find their voice and use it. 

Courtney started her journey in this venture by launching other people’s podcasts and marketing those around specific social media platforms. But the sky was the limit for her. In January, she started her own podcast network and management company, You and Me Media, earlier this year in January. Not just that, but she is also looking forward to building an aesthetically pleasing podcast studio in her hometown of Pasadena. 

You and Me Media is a place to create and solidify brands that host a platform for industry leaders, whether that’s through a podcast, a merch line, or a new book. Through this company, Courtney and her team are helping shows find a unique yet interesting take on their topics and then introduce them to the audience in exciting and innovative ways. 

Courtney Acuña has had many achievements along the way. She is a strong wife, mother, and most of all, a determined and successful entrepreneur. Find out more about her and her services here.

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