All About Growth Marketer, Product Creator, and SaaS Expert Patrick Parker

If we search through the most successful entrepreneurs in the US, we’ll find Patrick Parter in the top tiers. The reason is simple; he is an expert in building businesses and helping them grow exponentially in a short stretch of time. Such is his hunger for success that in no time, he was able to join the millionaires club, leaving many of his friends and foes in awe. 

Awe because the situations he went through would leave many broken and dispirited. Yet, his rising above and beyond the calamities and becoming a tech entrepreneur against all odds is something rarely seen. Today, he is a growth marketer, product creator, and SaaS expert leading four profit-generating businesses, including SaaS Partners

Patrick’s earlier days weren’t smooth sailing. He grew up in a close-knit family and enjoyed an amazing childhood. Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, in an upper-middle-class family that valued hard work and higher education, he developed a love for sports, especially basketball. Interestingly, just before his junior year, he used to travel all over the country, playing in tournaments against the nation’s top players. 

“I was on track to earn a scholarship and play at the college level, but then I hurt my knee, and everything slowly spiraled out of control,” recalls Patrick. 

Early in junior year, he suffered a serious knee injury that derailed his life. He had to undergo surgery and though he recovered from the injury after about a year, it was the life choices he made during that time that continued to haunt him. Running with the wrong crowd led to substance abuse and depression. The end result was harrowing. 

However, he faced those demons head-on and emerged victorious in the end. He resumed his academic education from where he’d left it, graduated at the top of his class in Web Application Development with a minor in Business, and was reborn with new ambitions and dreams. 

Patrick made long strides in the field of marketing and had many side hustles while in college. Though nothing blossomed into anything noteworthy, the lessons he learned in that phase of his life helped him understand business from the inside out. Ultimately, he became a pioneer of Growth Marketing and formed frameworks capable of instantly catapulting businesses into the limelight.  

He then moved to Lexington, KY, and spent seven years learning everything about growth marketing, software development, project and product management, and IT security. Patrick mastered the growth funnel and interpreted performance metrics. His skillset in growing and scaling businesses remains unparalleled in the industry. There are a number of growing businesses assisted by Patrick, that are on the way to raising seed rounds and achieving maximum growth.  

Patrick held high-paying jobs as a consultant, but he was never satisfied. He knew he was born to play on a bigger stage. His dream was to start his own company, a software company that would help people improve people’s day-to-day lives by benefitting from the products he designed. And eventually, it all came to fruition. 

SaaS Partners, now one of the nation’s top software companies, is leading in the SaaS industry at present with revenue spiking every year and teams stretching around the globe. Not only is his company helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by creating world-class web and mobile applications, but they have also launched many of their own products with an astonishing success rate.  

“I can’t change the story of my past because it’s already been written, but my hope is that my story will serve as a living example of what is possible to someone that is down on their luck thinking that whatever bottom they have reached is the best they can hope for,” says Patrick. “With the right mindset, everything is possible; you definitely can dig yourself out of the deepest, darkest hole and still reach unimaginable heights. That’s my story and it’s still being written,” he further added. 

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