A Sneak Peek into the Nomadic Life of Julie and Zach Ruhl and Their Daughter Indie

Travel is a way of life for many people; it empowers us to learn, explore, escape, relax, and connect with the world beyond borders. In addition, traveling brings out different versions of us, helping us embrace and celebrate our individualities. Julie and Zach Ruhl are two such people whose unbinding love for voyages has taken them worldwide. In 2018, they decided to leave their home and travel the globe and quickly realized that the entire planet feels like home, from North America to Europe to New Zealand. 

After getting married, the Ruhls knew they belonged on the road; hence, they set to fuel their passion for traveling in their self-converted campervan, Winnie. In all these years, there have been few twirls in their life, the most prominent being the COVID-19 pandemic and the birth of their baby girl, Indie, born in 2021. What started as two people’s adventure now has a little life tagging along. 

Initially, the thought of a child scared Zach and Julie. They feared that the nomadic lifestyle they loved would become a distant memory as they embraced parenthood. However, despite such doubts, they worked through and now travel with their daughter by their side. “We are determined to show that travel doesn’t have to stop when you have a baby. Now, we travel the world as a family of three,” shares the Ruhls. They further add, “we plan to continue to travel as we add hopefully more children to our family in the near future.” 

Until now, Zach, Julie, and Indie have experienced many places and hope to visit more; indeed, their travel bucket list is long. Some of their favorite destinations include New Zealand, Norway, Glacier National Park, Spain, Hawaii, etc. 

Zach and Julie also realize the importance of having a career and other lifestyle goals. They work on their blog (Ruhls of the Road), social profiles, and other remote jobs to ensure financial stability. In addition, they have bought rental properties that help them generate a fixed income. 

“We are making money, investing in our retirement and our future, and living comfortably in beautiful places around the world,” says Zach about their nomadic lifestyle. He says that if they get a chance to redo their life, they wouldn’t change a thing and are incredibly grateful for all they’ve seen and experienced. 

Follow Zach’s, Julie’s, and Indie’s journey of making countless memories around the world via Instagram and YouTube.

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