A Fearless Woman, Nichole Magana Inspires People to Dream Big

Being unapologetically herself and encouraging others to do the same, Nichole Magana, a content creator, healthy care specialist, and successful hairstylist, is an inspiration for many. Her resilience and fearlessness have caught the attention of her audience. Standing tall against all odds and finding the good in every situation, Chole motivates others to never give up and live their dreams.

Financial turmoil in Chole’s childhood had the potential to set her dreams back. . However, Nichole never stopped dreaming; instead, she fought resiliently despite her looming circumstances and became stronger. Today she is a successful content creator with her presence on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Her content focuses on many topics, such as locs, health, fitness, and outdoor adventures. She inspires people to power through their fears and become independent through her content. 

An ambitious woman passionate about building a better life for herself, Chole established “Crowned by Chole” where she provides top-tier service as a hairstylist and offers organic hair care products all over the U.S. Initially, the goal was to support her studies and pay her tuition fee, which later became her career. A few years after graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Chole decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, on a whim. , In a brand new city, with no family, friends, or clients, the first two months proved rough as she struggled to build her clientele. During those months, Chole figured this was a sign to begin pouring into her organic hair care product line. Self-doubt, fear, and the looming sense of failure prevailed, yet Chole didn’t lose heart. Hoping to make a new start, she moved to Atlanta and put her soul into her business.

Being her true self and owning her imperfections, Chole received love from her audience, who found her content relatable and felt connected. But the happiness didn’t last long, and Chole’s account got hacked, at 28k followers, the night before her huge hair product release in November of 2021. With the pressure to rebuild her Instagram presence again, Chole couldn’t let go of her dream and returned stronger. Within a year, her followers increased by 5x compared to her original page, making it a huge success. 

Being an optimist and a giver at heart, Nichole aims to serve people around her as she wants to build a non-profit organization for children to help them explore their passions. She also intends to create opportunities for homeless men and women by creating mentorship and job opportunities. Chole believes everything is achievable if we learn to overcome our fears and understand that failures are part of the journey and should never stop us from dreaming big. 

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