4 Easy Ways to Regain Control of Your Body

Every limb and organ in our body is contributing to our well-being. Sometimes we tend to forget that our body is our body. We let it fall into the hands of the deprecating comments of those around us. For moments like these, it is important to not lose sight of your body and to regain that lost control.

It is vital to understand the underlying meaning behind regaining control of your body. If you let your surroundings pester you and adversely influence you, chances are you have lost control over the one thing you should have command over.

We lose control of our bodies when we let others dictate what we should do with them. These comments lead us to doubt our bodies and compel us to conform to the typical route taken to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle. Many doctors or people around you suggest taking supplements or adopting rigid exercise routines. They even suggest changing our eating habits to something we might not be able to follow.

However, everybody is designed differently and cannot fit into one specific box. But people struggling with finding comfort in their bodies let those words fester until they influence their goals. Consequently, it causes one to lose control of their body and their health.

The solution to that, however, is not difficult nor far off. Here are some ways you can regain the control you lost over your body.


Many people believe that resilience is solely dedicated to overcoming certain events and problems in your life. But resiliency is beyond these conventional meanings. Resilience is achieved if one is committed to their health and body.

To achieve resiliency, one needs to be mindful of what is happening right now. Rather than letting the overbearing future or past undermine your progress, you must remain present. When it comes to regaining control of your body, you need to be mindful of the actions you are currently taking and not divulge into the world of what-ifs. This is nothing more than a shove backward that detracts you from your actual goal. Rather than moving forward, you start to doubt your progress and give up altogether.

When you start to take care of yourself and know what truly makes you happy, you do better in life. We confuse our wants and needs with that of others. We need to create healthy and positive relationships with our bodies in order to become resilient in the face of negativity. Developing strong resiliency against those comments leads to long-overdue self-care. You can slowly take charge of what is rightfully yours.

Mind-body connection

Many clinicians believe that the disrupted connection between the mind and the body is the fundamental cause of losing control over the latter. Many diseases, such as PCOS, Hashimoto’s, weight loss, and other autoimmune diseases become malignant due to the faulty connection between the mind and the body.

Our mind is constantly at work; thinking, giving us commands to carry out various tasks. However, negative thoughts tend to pervade, causing doubt and disrupting our progress. Nonetheless, you should not lose sight of your actual goals and work to re-establish and strengthen the mind-body connection, letting it grow.

To acquire this, you need to bring an obvious change in consciousness. Taking control of and changing your consciousness is only possible if you feed yourself with realistic goals. We usually set unrealistic goals which, when we are not able to achieve them, leads us to doubt ourselves. We doubt our progress, our plan, and our goal.

Our consciousness is what drives us and instilling that change within ourselves will help us to sustain control over our bodies. A strong mind-body connection assists us to heal and take control of the body, motivating us to take steps that would result in a better and healthier lifestyle.


No matter how much your surroundings push you or demotivate you, you cannot fully take control of your body if you are not self-aware. If you are not listening to your body, taking control of it and leading onto a path of betterment will be difficult.

To become self-aware, you need to revoke any negative thoughts that might detract you from achieving that healthy lifestyle. Evoking that sense of self-awareness is not easy to achieve. However, with a push, you will find results that are worth it. Taking control entails caring for yourself and removing self-deprecating comments from your mind.

Be consistent and motivated

Finding the causes of what leads you to lose control is easy. You feel a rush of motivation and start to check off all the things you can do to regain that control. However, remaining consistent in it is key and is also the most important of things to attain.

You may enter a slump and lose the motivation with which you took this route towards betterment. Thus, you must learn to be consistent, remain steadfast in your journey, and not lose patience. A more secure and better destination awaits you.

What did we learn?

There are certain aspects in life that are not in our control. Emotions, situations, and events which we want to control and mold according to our desire. Sadly, that is impossible to achieve.

But the one thing you do have control over is your body and the actions you take to make it healthy. If you want to see true progress, start with taking care of and regaining control over that one part of yourself that is already yours. Let the negative comments come your way, and turn them into your motivator. Your body is a temple, a vessel, a home; a place where you should find comfort in. And the only way to achieve that comfort is to finally take back control.

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Taking the unconventional road toward treating autoimmune diseases, PCOS, and Hashimoto’s, Justin Janoska has brought a revolutionary change to the world. Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 7, Justin did not shy away from it. Instead, he pinpointed the root cause and created a solution. Working as a clinician, Justin has helped women suffering from autoimmunity by providing long-term results instead of temporary quick fixes. His tenaciousness has propelled him to reach out to and assist several women. Never taking a moment’s rest, Justin is on his way to earning a doctorate in trauma counseling. He connected the dots between autoimmunity and trauma and plans to right all the wrongs practiced against these illnesses.
Justin Janoska
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